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Multi-Culti Mississauga Redux: "Celebrating" Canada Day

Multiculturalism at Whole Foods, Mississauga

[Photos By: KPA]

Happy Canada Day!

Whole Foods Market has a pleasant cafe, where I go to work on my computer. Each time I'm there, I am stunned by the multi-culti clientele, speaking a myriad of languages, not French, or German, or Dutch, but Arabic, the various Chinese languages, a selection from the Indian sub-continent, and so on.

Recently, Whole Foods put up a row of Canadian flags, and advertised an evening of hot dogs and other foods, to celebrate Canada Day.

I took the top photograph a couple of days ago, as the preparations were underway, to show the flags contrasting with the clientele.

Canada Day is just another day off, a paid day off, a statutory holiday. What better way to spend a summer's day than with picnics, barbecues, and a day in the park?

The photo below shows the usual clientele in Whole Foods (I took this photograph about three weeks ago, forgot about it, then found it in my files today).

- There is the now common sight of Muslim women with the headscarves. There is one woman in a white hijab in the foreground.
- A group of young men (or women) who are often of similar ethnic background, be it Indian, Chinese, or black, congregate together and tour the malls and streets. These are men, in their teens or early twenties.
- White groups are increasingly rare, and often come in pairs or in threes rather than the six or seven of the other groups
- Indian or Chinese (East Asian) businessmen on cell phones speaking languages other than English are now a regular occurrence.

As all this happens, no-one says anything, no-one tells them to quiet down (their interactions are often loud), no-one finds it strange that we have to sit quietly and listen, except me, where I have now taken to confronting such behavior.

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day

Good riddance to China.

Monday, June 29, 2015

America's the Greatest Land of All

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Great No-Longer-So-White North

Toast on Broadway, After the Rains

[Notes By KPA] This letter below is from a correspondent, who describes the Toronto of the 1970s (and into the early 80s).

The history of the Loyalists shows how different Canada and the United States are, which is how it should be despite all this Free Trade lingo, which puts us together with Third World Mexico! The anti-Americanism which the Canadian media (aka CBC), the stooge of the liberals and the Liberal Party, loves to spout is taken on in a healthy way by the ordinary Canadians, who love their flag, their foods (however few there are that are different from the Americans'), their holidays (next week is Canada Day, yes a reaction to Fourth of July, but still celebrated with gusto), and so on.

But, there is a unity with the US when it comes to the European heritage. And I strongly believe that this multicultural fetish is a "white guilt" thing.

He is very astutely observes that this "hate" or rather this identification of difference is projected into Quebec, and the endless wrangles we have with that Province. And I am actually a proponent of "freeing" Quebec. Let them deal with NAFTA, terrorism, the vaccillating currency, maintaining a First World way of life, WITHOUT dipping into the Canadian coffers. Let them do it alone. Cut off ALL the strings. VIVE LE QUEBEC LIBRE!

One more thing.

Question: Who are the HAPBS?!! (Confession: Sin of all Canadian Sins. I don't watch hockey!!)
Answer: Habs is an abbreviation of "les habitants," the informal name given to the original settlers of New France, dating back to the 17th Century. So it's a natural fit for the The Montreal Canadiens, established in 1909 and marketed as a French-Canadian hockey team.
Yep, even in hockey, there is the Quebec Narrative. So, my correspondent is insightful to view these hockey games as war-like rivalry to release those ancestral tensions.
Here is the email/letter:

Dear Kidist,

Good luck with the Hildebrand project. You're doing good work, even (especially) if the thought-police don't approve!

Mississauga really has changed. My father spent the last 10+ years of his career in Toronto (living in the City of Toronto itself from 1972 to 1983), and -- as a landed immigrant, not an illegal alien --I worked a lot of temp jobs in Toronto during school and university days. I got to know greater Toronto pretty well.

At the time Mississauga was a blue-collar to white-collar Canadian suburb, which is the say the inhabitants were Canadians. Friends of ours who lived there had been in Ontario from its beginnings: United Empire Loyalists who went north from New York after the American Revolution made New York an uncomfortable place for loyalists to live. We haven't been in touch with them for many years, but I suspect they have long since white-flown Mississauga for somewhere much farther out.

Toronto proper at that time had immigrant pockets, some (European; I remember particularly a Portuguese enclave) of fairly long standing, but was still preeminently a Canadian city, united by belief in the Leafs and hatred of the Habs. There was, however, a growing West Indian area which, perhaps coincidentally, was considered the most sketchy part of town.

I hope the Canadians wake up in time to salvage some Canadian Canada. But when I look at what Americans are accepting, and remember it was a Canadian government (Trudeau's Liberals from 1968 through the early '80s; not that Mulroney's Tories did anything to undo Liberal sabotage when they got in) that introduced the world to official multiculturalism and mandated racial and sexual diversity, it's hard to be too hopeful. So far, from what I see, Canadians have swallowed almost all of it without a peep, and tell themselves it's all a Good Thing. The only outlet English Canadians allow themselves is to be annoyed at the Quebecois - to go any further would be racist...

Please keep up your good work in the Great no-longer-so-White North!

Best regards.

Nazis During HItler's Era
and Muslims in Multiculturalism

Left: View of the Brandenburg Gate from Behind
Right: Shot from a film of the Nazis in the Brandenburg Gate
celebrating Hitler's Chancellorhood in 1933

[On January 30, 1933] President Von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany.

On the evening of January 30 endless lines of uniformed Nazis bearing torches marched towards the Brandenburg Gate, in order to celebrate the "victory". [Source: The National Library of Israel]
I recently wrote about my experience with the multicultural wall at the Mississauga Central Library, where I've been trying to get the authors John H. Crosby and John F. Crosby to present their recently published book My Battle Against Hitler in a conference. I wrote about this, saying:
The topic of the conference, and the presentation in the Canadiana Room [of the Mississauga Central Library] would have included World War II, and how an astute German citizen was able to discern Hitler's maneuvers before many others realized Hitler's gotterdammerung aims, and how that is relevant in our era where Christianity and the West is being undermined by another remorseless enemy, Islam. Such discussion is of paramount importance to all patrons of the library who wish to preserve the West and its sophisticated culture and civilization.

Hildebrand also realized the vicious anti-Semitism of Hitler and the Nazis, and as a parallel behavior by Muslims, we are seeing a frightening rise in anti-Semitism and anti-Israel movements amongst Muslims and Islamic countries.

Here is my perspective on the contemporary lessons we can learn from Hildebrand: The Dangers of Quietism: A Contemporary View.
Here is an article at the website The Daily Signal, which I just found out about: What America Can Learn From Europe's Attempts to Stem Growth of Islamist Ideology, and here is the astonishing part in the article:
In Germany, one of the most controversial aspects of multiculturalism, granting different treatment to different groups in society, has come to the fore in a bitter row over whether to exempt Muslim children from mandatory student visits to concentration camps to study the Holocaust.
There is a longer article on the holocaust visit exemption of Muslim students in The Jerusalem Post.

And here is the image that The Daily Signal posted with the article, showing a rear view of the Brandenburg Gate with a German lawyer in the background (here is a clearer image of the cloaks German lawyers wear) and two Muslim women dominating the photograph.

The women are wearing burqas.
The burqa covers the whole body, including the eyes, and is the most concealing veil worn by Muslim women. It has a mesh screen over the eyes so the wearer can see out. [Source]
The blue burqa has become synonymous with Taliban-era Afghanistan, one of the most repressive of the Muslims.

Here we have a photograph which shows us the most advanced of the world's cultural institution, its law, walking alongside the most repressive manifestations of another society: Islam's Sharia.

These two pass by each other, not in the backward land of the burqad woman, but in the sophisticated country of the lawyer, under a monument where the lawyers' civilization fought to free the world of such totalitarianisms as that this burqad woman brings with her.

And this lawyer, for all his sophistication, would go to his cultivated and erudite courtroom to fight that this woman keep her burqa, and everything else that comes with this blue veil.

The lawyer's secular intelligence is dwarfed by the spiritual convictions of this woman, and he will realize probably too late that in supporting her, he was participating in his, and his civilization's, demise, when she literally and metaphorically brings down his beautiful Brandenburg Gate, which even the Nazis were ultimately unable to do.

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A Black Guy Said It!

Dylann Roof With His Father

Kevin Jackson from the website The Black Sphere said the following on the Charleston Shooter while on Fox News, on June 20, 2015:
JACKSON: It had nothing to do with any of the things that Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or Todd Rutherford said. And the fact of the matter is what it has to do with is kids like (Roof) are based on liberals creating them. What they do is they tell these kids – and, by the way, these millennials are supposed to be the least racist people in the history of mankind. And you create these kids because Todd Rutherford (sic) is told – by people like Saida Grundy, that “You’re a bad kid, young white man.” They emasculate ‘em, they tell them “You’re nothing,” and when they get to college and start looking at their opportunities in life, are told, “You know what? You’re white, you get a privilege over blacks. If you’re born white, you get white privilege” and so on and so forth and it’s liberalism that creates him.
Here is the full video, from June 20th, 2015:

I wrote about this phenomenon several years ago (in 2011):
Young Beautiful White Boy: Tall Handsome Young Man

Ramadan in the Elevator

Elevator sign in my building

This was posted on my building's elevator for about three days.

Then, it got abruptly changed to a "Happy Father's Day" sign.

The building has a majority of Indian and Chinese. I think the non-Muslim Indians complained.

The glories of multiculturalism! Where no-one gets along!

I keep saying that this building could well be the "home" of a future Jihadi "Canadian."

The elevator is filled with the smell of Indian spices. Under normal circumstances, that can be nice - as in an Indian restaurant which I choose to enter. But here, where we are forced to smell these spices in a confined space, it is stifling.

All the Indians I enter the elevator with speak some form of Indian language. All the Chinese I enter the elevator with speak a form of Chinese language. Even the children.

The few whites are often Polish or Hispanic (recent immigrants too), with heavily accented English.

I asked a white woman what she thought of the sign. She answered in what sounded like an East Coast Canadian accent. At least she was Canadian.

"Well, it's their holiday, is't it?"

"Do you think it belongs in Canada?"

She pursed her lips (not in disapproval, but in realization), and said nothing. Her young, blonde-haired son with her looked up startled.

An Indian family came in the elevator (which is already full, and they didn't think to wait for the next lift). The man said "hello," looking at me. I didn't respond. The young boy looked up, observant.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

This is Canada, This is Multiculturalism.
We Can Speak Whatever Language We Want!

[Photo By: KPA]
The Multi-Culti Smorgasbord at Whole Foods Market in Mississauga

Canadian Flags are decorating the store for the upcoming Candada Day on July 1. My table is the one where the chair is visible, at the bottom left of the photograph.

I was calmly getting ready to drink my coffee and work on my computer during one morning at the Mississuaga Whole Foods Market when a woman sat at the table in front of me and started to talk in some Asian language (I knew it was from the Indian sub-continent, but I couldn't identify it). Instead of telling her to stop talking so loudly (actually, to stop talking at all in that alien language), I started to bump my chair against hers. I did this partly because I was mad, and partly because she was talking in another language besides the English we speak in Canada, and I wasn't going to give her the courtesy of talking to her. She moved a little more forward, and kept on talking. I repeated the action. This got her attention, and she looked up and said "Excuse me" or some such thing.

"I don't like to hear your ugly language," I said to her.

"You don't have to listen to it," she replied.

I started to laugh. "So you agree it is ugly!"

"I didn't say that."

"Yes, you did!"

She went back to her cellphone.

I resumed bumping her chair.

"Can you stop!"

"Well, if you talk a little quieter!"

She knows the "language" of multiculturalism.

"This is Canada. This is multiculturalism. We can talk what we want!"

"No, this is Canada. We speak English!"

I continued to bump her chair.

She got up and left.

Soon after, a manager of some kind came over. He shook my hand.

"Hello, I'm Kevin. I understand you had a problem with one of my workers."

"Oh, I didn't realize she was your employee. Well, that makes it worse then, since she should know better. She was talking loudly in a foreign language and disturbing the peace, as I was drinking my coffee. She was also taking up the table for actual paying patrons."

K: I'm going to have to ask you to refrain from treating my employees in such a manner in the future.

Me: Look, I apologize to you, and I don't like behaving like this, but what about her? What are you going to do about her?

K: I'll talk to her later. But, everyone can talk whatever language they want.

Kevin was mimicking the woman's response. He really does believe this!

Me: No, this is Canada. We are in an English-speaking country. We talk in English here.

Me: Also, how do I know what she's saying? She may be saying things about me, about you, that are negative or uncomplimentary. She could be maligning me. What are you going to do about her?!

K: Yes, well, she is very upset. She was on an international call.

I looked at him, and started to laugh. I think he began to realize that everything I was saying made sense. This woman was on a cellphone to a foreign country (probably Sri Lanka), holding a loud conversation in her foreign language in a Canadian restaurant.

Kevin had sat down, and seemed to want some kind of interaction with me, so I told him a little about myself, that I come to Whole Foods to have coffee and to use my laptop in this pleasant environment, that I take photographs, that I observe visually my surroundings, and that I am working on a book called Reclaiming Beauty. He seemed interested about my book, and was actually quite insightful, saying that probably materialism had a lot to do with the unattractive clothes people are wearing.

I then asked him: "Are you originally from Mississauga?"

K: Yes, Scarborough, actually.

Me: Do you still live there?

K: Well, we moved when I was younger to Markham, then to Halton. I've also lived in Ottawa. But I live around here now. My parents owned their home in Scarborough when I was growing up.

I looked at him and laughed again.

Scarborough used to be a middle-to-working class white English borough of Toronto. But, eventually, South Asian and African immigrants started to take over. White flight changed the neighborhoods, leaving them to immigrants from India, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia and Somalia, etc.

What Kevin was talking about is the white flight from the Toronto boroughs, where families started to move further out into smaller towns to avoid this invasion of foreign, non-English-speaking, people.

Whole Foods Market, Square One, Mississauga
Photo By: KPA

Whole Foods' junior staff is almost exclusively non-white. It is as though the managers decided that they were the only kinds of staff they would hire for that level (out of charity? cheaper labor? mandated by employment affirmative action policies? A combination of all that, I presume). But ALL the managers are white. I wonder if Kevin had a say in hiring this Sri Lankan woman, as though to expiate for his sins of his early days when he (must have) felt bitter and angry at having to leave Scarborough to get away from the Third World invasion of his home town.

I felt his relief as I was saying these things. Clearly no-one else has said, or dares to say, such things to him. His Orwellian world was temporarily cleared with our brief conversation.

At the end, I said, "I apologize to you for disrupting the peace of your lovely place. I don't usually behave this way, but this woman was clearly getting away with a lot. I'm not sorry for how I acted towards her. She had no desire to behave with courtesy, and with due respect to the patrons around her, and this is especially grievous as she is an employee of this store."

I then showed him a photograph I took of peonies on sale in the store (I've posted it below) and how one of the staff had given me the number for the marketing department at their head office to submit the photograph. I told him I take photographs as a way of recording my environment.

"That's a good shot," said Kevin. "So you observe things around you."

"Yes. And so you see, I do like this place. I want to show it in its best light!"

He shook my hand, and left.


I returned today (the next day), and there was a large group of Chinese, obviously there to "celebrate" Father's Day. They were interacting in Chinese. I put on my headphones and listened to music as I worked on my laptop and drank my coffee. I'm avoiding confrontations now, unless it's absolutely necessary. I feel that people are realizing what they're having to put up with. I think that I have more on my side than is apparent.

How wonderful Canada is! All kinds of people can just show up and sit in civilized, clean, pleasant coffee houses and restaurants and enjoy the good food and environment, and the pleasant holidays. And no-one will tell them to quiet down, or to speak English, or to follow the country's customs, or, God forbid, to be Canadian.

What do they have to offer in their glorious multiculturalism other than to pull us back to their failed societies and cultures, which they fled to come and live the good life here?

How long before we become another of their failures?

Whole Foods Pink Peonies
[Photo By: KPA]

Thursday, June 18, 2015

George Washington:
The World Historical Figure
In the Quintessentially American Tradition

George Washington, 1780
Charles Willson Peale (American, 1741–1827)
Oil on canvas; 95 x 61 3/4 in.
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Part of what makes his live story so gripping is that he shaped himself into the world-historical figure he became, in the quintessentially American tradition of men who spring, as F. Scott Fitzgerald famously wrote, from their own Platonic conception of themselves. But his self-conception was extraordinary: it began as a worthy ideal and evolved into a magnificent one. In his fiercely ambitious youth, he sought to win acclaim for his for his heroism and savoir faire. In his maturity, he strove to be, in his own conscience even more than in the eyes of others, virtuous, public-spirited, and (although his ethic wouldn't allow him to claim the word (noble). He did hope, however, that posterity would recognize and honor the purity of his motives; and Americans, who owe him so much, do him but justice in understanding not only what he did for them but also what greatness of soul he achieved to do it.

From: The Founding Fathers at Home (p. 94)
By: Myron Magnet

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Anti-White, Anti-West, Anti-Canadians

From: Kidist Paulos Asrat
To: ""
Cc: Marian Kutarna
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 9:30 AM
Subject: Author's program IN the Canadiana Room

Dear Ms. Vespa,

I am lodging a formal complaint regarding Marian Kutarna, who oversees bookings and events in the Canadiana Room [of the Mississauga Central Library].

Ms. Kutarna gave me no reason why she and the staff of the Canadiana Room were not willing to hold an event I proposed, which was to hold a conference for the book My Battle Against Hitler by Dietrich von Hildebrand, edited by John H. Crosby and John F. Crosby, who established a literary and cultural organization,The Hildebrand Project, and who would be the guest speakers. The book is already in the Mississauga Library system, which I had submitted several months ago.

1. Ms. Kutarna's interaction with me was rude and unprofessional.

She never responded to my numerous emails about my request to plan this event (I have copies of these emails for your reference).

I had to find her in person during her working hours at the Canadiana Room to get a response from her, which was a brief "The Canadiana Room has decided not to sponsor this event."

Still, I asked via email why the research room was not able to hold my event.

She gave no detailed response, but sent me an email to repeat what she said in person: That projects are taken on by the staff of the Canadiana Room, and that is the way events are planned.

This still didn't give me any explanation as to why the project I proposed was inadequate or incompatible with the room's policies.

As a taxpaying citizen of Mississauga, I believe I require more explanation for the use of the Canadiana Room, a facility which is run by my contributions, and for the benefit of citizens of the city, like me.

Therefore, after researching Ms. Kutarna's programs in the Central Library I have come to the following conclusion:

2. Ms. Kutarna is racially choosing the events that will take place in the room.

Literary and cultural occasions that involve non-white, non-Canadian, and non-Western persons take precedence over events that benefit white, Western, Canadian and European patrons.

I am therefore reporting Ms. Kutarna as racist towards these latter groups (white, Western, Canadian and European patrons). And I will bring this to the attention of the library's heads, as well as beyond. I will also write articles in the various city and regional papers to report on these biases by the Mississauga Central Library.

2. Because of Ms. Kutarna's decision, the Mississauga Central Library has lost the visit of an important contemporary historian, who has a wide influence in intellectual, academic, historical and religious spheres, both here and in the United States, and of course for the Mississauga Library system as a whole.

3. The topic of the conference, and the presentation in the Canadiana Room would have included World War II, and how an astute German citizen was able to discern Hitler's maneuvers before many others realized Hitler's gotterdammerung aims, and how that is relevant in our era where Christianity and the West is being undermined by another remorseless enemy, Islam. Such discussion is of paramount importance to all patrons of the library who wish to preserve the West and its sophisticated culture and civilization.

Hildebrand also realized the vicious anti-Semitism of Hitler and the Nazis, and as a parallel behavior by Muslims, we are seeing a frightening rise in anti-Semitism and anti-Israel movements amongst Muslims and Islamic countries.

Here is my perspective on the contemporary lessons we can learn from Hildebrand: The Dangers of Quietism: A Contemporary View

4. This conference is going on ahead the assistance of the University of Toronto. The Hildebrand team will be coming to Canada, but all the doors have been closed off for the Mississauga Library system, and I will make sure that they will remain so.

This will deprive your library's patrons of the insights, intellect and vast amount of information that the Crosbys would have brought to Mississauga and its citizens.

If Ms. Kutarna wishes to hold her events for isolated, narrow, ethnic groups, who have no desire to attend each others' events (do Hindu Indians really attend events by Muslim Indians, and do Somalis have any interest in what Ethiopians present?), she is welcome to do so. But her "multicultural" agenda is fragmentary and exclusive. I am sure some time in the future, an angry Somali or Muslim Indian will question the methods of her "community" education.

True Canadians are interested in the depth and breadth of their history, even it it reveals some unsavory moments. The Hildebrand Project and its leaders are unafraid to tackle such issues, and I will assist them to do so to the best of my ability.


Kidist Paulos Asrat

nb: I received the exact same email a few days ago. I believe Ms. Kutarna simply forgot that she had sent me the first email, and just simply re-sent the second one. She had already established that she wouldn't assist me in planning and holding the conference in the Candadiana Room.

Working in the patio of the C-Cafe (The Library is just ahead, in front of the fountains)

Monday, June 08, 2015

Ann Coulter: Racist - Part Dos

I wrote a post last week on Ann Coulter's new book without having read the book, started reading it, bought it, or had any other physical contact with the book.

That is a minor crime.

To rid my self of the "hypocrite" label, I bought the book two days ago from my local Chapters/Indigo bookstore. It was the only copy in the store, and I assume it really was the only copy in the store. Coulter's label of "racist" goes a long way here in Canada.

In any case, I am already into the third chapter, and it is a pleasure to read a book by a witty, intelligent, and normal human being, who hasn't caught the liberal bug of distorting words, information and reality.

Here are a few quotes (only a few, I don't want to give away the book!) that are especially Coulteresque, and I am only in the third chapter!


Chapter 1, p. 9:
Americans ought to be suspicious about being incessantly told fences "don't work." It's like being told wheels don't work...The New York Times explains, for example: "Would be immigrants still find ways over, under, through and around [fences]." Wheels still find ways to bend, break, or spring leaks.


Even Republicans who pretend to want a secure border are always telling us fences won't work. The NEW WAY of stopping tubs from overflowing is to use mops and blow-dryers. Sure, we can always turn to water off, but that won't work because it could always spring a leak. Let's just keep mopping.

Chapter 2, p. 13:
Why not take in immigrants who are better than us, instead of immigrants who are worse than us?

Chapter 2, p. 22
Leftists have no trouble adopting the persona of an oppressed Third World person. The only identity they have difficulty assuming is: "American."

Chapter 2, p. 23:
At least liberals have a clear mission and know what they're fighting for: Their plan is to turn America into another Third World hellhole, where the two parties are the Chuck Schumer Democratic Party and the Nancy Pelosi Democratic Party. Republicans can't think past the next election. They need campaign cash, and their big donors want cheap workers now. We're lucky if we can get Republicans to think past their kids' summer jobs. Karl Rove praises illegal immigration, saying: "I don't want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds in Las Vegas." How about one illegal alien gets to stay if Karl Rove goes?

Chapter 2, p. 23:
Democrats love the "browning of America" because they need the votes; liberals want it because they seek the destruction of America; and certain business interests support it because they want the cheap labor.

Chapter 2, p. 28-29:

In the section: Nowhere Left to Go:
The Third World invasion being aggressively hidden by the media will never make it to Park Avenue or Nob Hill. The price is being paid exclusively by ordinary Americans. Almost alone in the world, white, Protestant, Anglo-Saxon America has been a haven for minorities, women, children, plants, and animals. None have fared so well in any other culture. As the lawyer for two Iraqi men charged with child rape in Nebraska said, America's views about women and children "put us in the minority position in the world." Once America is gone, there won't be anyplace left to go.

Chapter 3, p. 31:
With immigration, the most powerful forces in our culture are all on the same page - the Democrats, the rich, Washington lobbyists, Republican consultants, and money-grubbing churches. Even stalwarts on other conservative issues, like the Wall Street Journal, are with the Left on mass immigration from the Third World. When it comes to society's rich and powerful, immigration is the great unifier. The only ones opposed to fundamentally transforming this country into some other country are the American people.

I found a piece by Larry Auster on Ann Coulter published at VDare, where he writes:
I acknowledged that [Coulter] had written several articles on immigration, but pointed out that they were all on illegal immigration and amnesty:
“Note, March 28, 2010: I just came upon this entry, and saw my prediction that Coulter would not revisit the [legal immigration] issue again. So I did a search of her articles at There were a few columns, almost all from 2006-2007, criticizing amnesty. There was no further column mentioning America’s existing immigration law—particularly the 1965 Immigration Act which opened America’s borders to the world—and how it is transforming America racially, culturally, politically, and economically. So my prediction in June 2007 was correct. After coming out of the immigration closet for one second, after 13 years of stone cold silence, Coulter went back into it again and has never re-emerged. In her entire career as a prominent conservative commentator who is known for saying whatever she wants to say, no matter how outrageous or politically incorrect, her sole contribution to the immigration debate (as distinct from the no-brainer illegal immigration debate) has been a single column.”
[end of March 2010 note.]

Coulter's book, as she says in the Fox News interview below, is almost exclusively about legal immigration, and how that is changing America. She goes through one chapter, the first chapter, outlining illegal immigration, but talks about the adverse effects of legal immigration for the rest of the book. Here is what Coulter says about the change of focus, although it sounds like a change in topic:
I found out, which is why this book became this book -- I wasn't going write a book about immigration. I was going to have a few chapters on immigration, and I had already written two chapters for the book I was planning on writing. Then I go to look up some basic, obvious facts that most Americans will be shocked the government refuses to tell us, like how many foreign born are in our prisons? How many are in state prison, how many are in federal prison, and what crimes are they in for, and what countries do they come from? Oh, no, no, no, no, read chapter seven and you will see it was written through tears of frustration and rage. That was when I called my publisher and said this is going to be a different book. You can't believe what I'm finding here.
The full interview is below:

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Ann Coulter: Racist

Ann Coulter was on Hannity of Fox News recently, where she discusses her new book:

The subtitle is: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole.

Coulter is her usual, feisty, self, but she will always get her battle slightly wrong, since she is fighting primarily with those "evil liberals" rather than the issues at hand. I think that is the curse of conservatives, who, rather than sticking to their principles, and setting the agenda for the battle, are sucked in to confronting liberal ideas, and perennially fighting to straighten those lopsided views rather than presenting their own.

Nonetheless, she has made, from the interview, a good and noble effort to uncover the underbelly of immigration, and specifcially the un-American nature of this immigration agenda.

Below is the video of her interview with Hannity.

Hannity starts off by telling her right at the beginning that immigration isn't a "partisan" issue, nor a liberal issue, but, says Hannity, "We have two parties that don't want to solve the problem, otherwise the fence that works at the White House and in gated communities, as you point out, would be built."
Coulter: Right, not only that, but there would be a change to the legal immigration...My book is about legal immigration. The Somalis leaving to fight with ISIS, those are legal immigrants. The Mali immigrants raping little girls, those are legal immigrants. The immigrants going on welfare, at rates far above the native rates, committing crimes at what appears to be far above the native rate - the government won't tell us.

Never has a country been transformed like this. Never in world history. And it has been done as a express plan by the left, because they want voters more favorable to liberal policies.

It is striking how all of the most avid immigration activists, and there are hundreds, probably thousands of groups, just working overtime to bring in the poorest of the poor to live in America. They're always the people who don't particularly like America. They call us racist, sexist, homophobic.

Why are they bringing these poor Third Worldists here? It's because they want to transform America, because they hate America, and Republicans aren't stopping them because the big donors want the cheap labor.
So, it boils down to greed.

But, liberals are far more "principled" than that. Yes, one effect of immigration my be cheap labor, but the essence of immigration is equality.

America is open to all. It is a country which prides itself on equality of peoples. Its original population is made of immigrants too! Remember all those whites who fled, immigrated, to a new land to find new opportunities?

Since Coulter clings on to (however subconsciously) the primarily economic and materialistic view of immigration, her conclusions will always be partially wrong (or partially right).

All cultural and social ideas, for them to take hold and germinate, have to hold more than economic and materialistic bases, and even liberals follow that premise. In their cases, it is equality that trumps everything.

Everyone is equal in immigrating to America. Everyone is equal in being free in America. Everyone is equal in living in America.

If people fall short, then the rules can be changed. If they don't qualify for legal immigration, then they can get special political or ethnic considerations. If they cannot live upto the standards of middle class Americans, then they can get special government benefits. If they don't feel "free," then the regulations and laws of America can be changed to accommodate them.

Coulter understands the deep and dire implications of this decades-long immigration policy, and especially that which brings people in from the Third World. But, she hasn't yet realized that this has become an American - Democrats or Republicans - issue, and that attacking liberals (Democrats) isn't the way to solve it.

Here is another insight by Coulter. If she goes on in this line, she might be able to make the correct conclusions, unless she capitulates as various groups wear her down with their accusations of "hate."
Coulter: First World countries, developed countries, countries where the immigrants do not go on welfare and commit crimes, they are specifically being discriminated against. So we can drag in the poorest of the poor to instantly go on welfare.

Hannity: You know you will be called racist.

Coulter: Well as I say, that's the only argument they have. But they'd prefer not to debate me at all, but if they have to they'll call me a racist.
Coulter finishes off the interview citing her final chapter where she provides solutions to the problem, which starts with closing off the borders, literal (physically closing off the Mexican border) or political (withholding or denying visas and other travel permits to America).

I don't want to be too harsh on Coulter. She is doing the best she can with the data that she has managed to discover, and about which she is shocked. She changed the original topic of her book (she didn't specify what that was) to this one as she discovered more about immigration during her research. As she goes on more speaking tours, and as she starts getting the wrath of the un-American, anti-American groups, be they white, Third World, Hispanic, black, immigrants (there are many), she will fine-tune, I am sure, her discussion of the book.

She should read Lawrence Auster's Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism and Huddled Cliches: Exposing the Fraudulent Arguments That Have Opened America’s Borders to the World (although I suspect she has), and present those ideas to the mainstream world. She will be called a racist by the usual suspects, but since that has already happened to her, I'm sure she has developed a thick skin. She has acquired her worst label, now she is free to go on with her ideas.

I should send her my experience in the Canadiana Room, and my post on the Third World, Untouchable Goddess Meena Chopra: Meena Chopra's Ephemera and David Hook's Tangible: Art in the Multiculturalism Era

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